Learning Locker

We REALLY love Learning Locker. It's a great Learning Record Store (LRS) which ELMS:LN has native support for all over the place. This lets you track users in quizzes, H5P activities, and other engagements they have with their courses.

It’s some work to get up and running and will hopefully be fully-scripted in the future but for now, you can follow the directions found in their Getting started guide.

Integration with ELMSLN

This part is much easier as all the modules to do so are already enabled sitting and waiting behind the scenes when you install ELMS:LN! Add something like this added to /var/www/elmsln/config/shared/drupal-7.x/settings/shared_settings.php after you’ve got both systems setup and you’ve configured your Learning Locker instance to have a Learning Record Store (LRS) with an API Client (Manage Clients panel) to talk to ELMSLN.

// change these to match your system / setup
$config['tincanapi_auth_user'] = "CLIENTUSER";
$config['tincanapi_auth_password'] = "CLIENTPASSWORD";
$config['tincanapi_endpoint'] = "http://YOURLRSADDRESS/data/xAPI";
// additional settings, most likely you don't want to touch these
$config['tincanapi_statement_actor'] = '[current-user:name]';
$config['tincanapi_anonymous'] = FALSE;
$config['tincanapi_simplify_id'] = FALSE;
$config['tincanapi_watchdog'] = FALSE;