Domain Acronym Meaning Details
online CIS Course Information System Controlling brain of your ELMS:LN instance. It can create courses and helps stitch the experience together for end users. It’s the home of all logistics about sections, courses and systems and uses this knowledge to inform the other systems in the network what to do.
studio CLE Collaborative Learning Environment An open studio environment where students can submit and critique each other’s work.
cpr CPR Central Person Registry A registry of all users in the system that knows what courses and sections they are in. It also stores information about their profile, media preferences and accessibility needs.
comply ECD ELMS Compliance Distribution Helps deal with issues of course portfolio compliance in the areas of asset copyright management, accessibility and quality auditing procedures.
media ELMSMedia ELMS Media Distribution Asset management system that powers elmsln. Includes documents, images, video, H5p interactive media and audio.
courses MOOC ELMS Massively Open Online Course Distribution Commonly just called the "Courses" distribution
blogs Editorial ELMS Blogging / Editorial platform Simple private journal / blog platform for students to have a course specific blog.
discuss Discuss Discussion board distribution Based on a distribution called "Harmony”, this provides a place for discussion forums and conversations.
interact ICOR Interactive Course Object Repository A storage place for the assembly of highly interactive assets. Examples include zip files that need unpacked to render, user polling, mapping and timelines.
N/A xAPI Experience API xAPI is a JSON data format that allows for expression of activity that takes place. In ELMSLN this is used to track if students reach different pages of instruction, engage with interactive media, watch videos and do other meaningful events in the course. This data is assembled and then sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS).
N/A LRS Learning Record Store An LRS stores xAPI statements. It can be used to generate activity reports and track micro statements that lead to other actions to occur.