Anything that’s included in the enclosed core directory should not be updated outside of the schedule of updating versions of the code from the github repository (unless you know what you are doing). There are a few projects patched so the best way to get projects upgraded to the latest version is to test it in a vagrant instance, report on it in an issue queue, and then let the ELMSLN community vet the module / theme upgrade. Once this has happened then it will be rolled into the final package.

This is to ensure that all sites function properly after upgrades. This package will be updated on versions once they are tested, any modules that you install in your config directory is on you to manage. The general rule in Drupal is don’t hack core and the same is true with ELMSLN, don’t hack ELMSLN core; apply all your changes you want inside the config directory.

There is a drush edl function that can be used to place modules, drush plugins, themes, profiles, and copies of core in the correct location in the elmsln setup. If you are doing this though you probably are an active developer in the community (so that's awesome).