Tool Builder

If you are familiar with building sites in Drupal, but not in ELMS, the tool builder will solve all your problems.

Normally you would need to know how to work with configurations, features, and so much more. Tool builder will eliminate that problem. The tool builder is built into every ELMSLN deployment, in innovate. Innovate is simple. It is where the ELMSLN core team creates any new tool that will be available to ELMSLN.

Here is how to use the tool builder:


  • Create a course in ELMS and make sure you can access the Innovate Tool.
  • Access innovate and start create what you want using modules, features, content types, views, etc...
  • Once finished, click the "Share innovation" Button
  • Answer the questions and watch the magic begin.
  • This job will automatically bundle up all the changes you made, and creates an install profile.
  • It then sends the idea to the Github repostitory called the WildWest
  • After your code has been created and added to Wildwest, a Pull Request will be automatically made
  • If it is accepted, others will be able to browse the innovations repo from their innovate tools (coming soon) and implement your idea into their setup