Interactive H5P Content


H5P lives in the media asset management side of elmsln but because of automation issues it can't be included on install. Until this issue is resolved by the H5P community (its in their roadmap) here's how to setup H5P after installation of ELMSLN.

  • Go to and scroll down to Attachments area
  • Download the file with a name like "official-h5p-release-20160219.h5p"
  • Go to this page (your path relative to where you install) http://media.elmsln.local/admin/content/h5p and upload the file from H5P

You can customize from there but this has installed all types for you


H5P is a community of its own! To learn how to use the different content types included with the Interactive Content type check out one of the following: - Presentation - Dialog cards - Drag and drop - Fill in the blanks - Flashcards - Interactive video - Multiple Choice question - Question set - Summary - Image hotspots - Impressive Presentation - Documentation Tool