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How can I get the current 'section_id' of a user in code?

There's a function called _cis_connector_section_context() which acts similar to the og_context to provide an ID associated with the user based on what they are currently viewing. This lets you know a user is in section "ABC-123" as opposed to another one. This information can be used to act on showing different data based on section in a course or pulling additional details from CIS / other systems that is relevant to that group.

We're moving hosting from where we started building, what urls need updated

There's 3 places addresses get hard-coded into ELMSLN to keep the web services transactions happy. The first is at time of deployment when the registry keychain is created. This can be found in /var/www/elmsln/config/shared/drupal-7.x/modules/_elmsln_scripted's .module file and has links to all the services in the network.

After that, you'll want to issue drush @online cis-sync-reg which will sync the database with some of these values that it stores locally for caching purposes. Lastly, any services that were created (like will need to have their settings.php files modified to reflect the new domain. This is stored in the $base_url variable. Another strategy is to edit the file in /var/www/elmsln/config/shared/drupal-7.x/settings/shared_settings.php to do an overwrite of the different urls if you are passing them around a lot.

When I look at the System Setup, it looks like you can't change the method of access once it's been created. Is that correct?

If you go into the course in question you can change the permissions to match what you're looking for. These routines are for when the systems are stamped out initially, it's in the roadmap to have jobs retroactively update the systems to keep in sync with the level of access set in CIS. This is a known issue and is marked in