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Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of any page. This will open up said content in an edit view. You can edit the title and the body of the content by clicking in the title and body fields and typing in new values. Below these two fields are several other edit menu items. These are listed below along with a description of their function and how to use them:

Visual Identifiers: - Allows instructors to characterize what type of content the page is by using the "Instructional Significance" drop-down menu. - Allows instructors to upload an image to be displayed at the top of the page by using the upload image button. - Allows instructors to add a primary and secondary color to be used by elements such as the title.

Visual Identifier Menu Item Image

Navigation Block: - Allows instructors to determine what style of navigational block they would like to use for the content. - Allows instructors to determine how they would like to display the navigaton block. - Allows instructors to determine how large the navigational block should be presented. - Includes lableing properties for organizing navigational blocks.

Navigation Block Menu Item Image

Tags: - Allows instructors to tag the content with unique tags.

Tags Menu Item Image

Book Outline: - Allows instructors to override the book title. - Allows for content to be organized into various books. - Allows for customization of content's parent items. - Allows for weighting of content within the book heiarchy.

Book Outline Menu Item Image

Revision Information: - Allows for the creation of new revisions. - Allows instructors to include a revision message alongside their revision.

Revision Information Menu Item Image

Authoring Information: - Displays the authoring information for the piece of content. - Provides the date of which the content was authored on.

Authoring Information Menu Item Image

Hide Content: - Gives instructors the option of hiding the content for users who don't have the ability to see it.

Hide Content Menu Item Image

Publishing Information: - Tells instructors if the content is published or not - Gives the instructors the option of publishing and unpublishing content via a check-box. - Gives options for promoting content and making it sticky.

Publishing Information Menu Item Image