Vagrant Dev

  • vagrant ssh
  • cd to vagrant home directory
  • install NVM and node 6.7
curl -o- | bash
source .bashrc
nvm install 6.7
  • cd to the app directory inside of foundation_access
cd /var/www/elmsln/core/dslmcode/shared/drupal-7.x/themes/elmsln_contrib/foundation_access/app
  • update your dev dependancies since they change all the time ;)
npm update --save-dev
  • install gulp locally
npm install gulp --save-dev
  • install bower globally
npm install -g bower
  • install anything else from the node package manager
npm install
  • install bower components
bower install
  • run gulp to watch for file changes
  • run gulp-build to build once and exit
.node_modules/.bin/gulp build