Our general development process is as follows:

  • Faculty / Students express a disconnect where technology can be improved or a solution help bridge the divide or enhance the relationship between them
  • We discuss concept with an instructional designer / faculty member about the instructional challenge
  • We rapid prototype with a goal of getting the information architecture (IA) correct
  • Concept is tried in classroom setting when possible
  • Iterate over refinement of IA with minor usability enhancements using things core to how drupal handles interaction flows
  • Once IA is assumed correct, developer works with those that this directly affects to craft a more usable method of accomplishing the same thing
  • We take a more "headless" approach to Drupal, constructing the interfaces and visuals needed that would make this task as automated as possible
  • We integrate it with Drupal and put it into the workflow; the interface tapping the same information that was native to Drupal but without the standard admin-UX