As ELMS:LN is moving towards using webcomponents for many of its designs, some developers may wish to develop these tools on their own using the polymer-cli project. This guide is a step-by-step guide on how to set up polymer-cli on your local machine for development purposes:

  1. Install npm - this tool will allow you to access node and install polymer-cli as well as other packages. This is done through one of two methods:
  2. Download the files via:
  3. curl -L | sh
  4. Once npm is installed you will want to install the nvm package manager. this allows you to switch between different versions of npm.
  5. Guide:
  6. Once nvm and npm are installed, you are ready to begin installing polymer-cli
  7. Run nvm use 4.1.2 to switch your version of node to 4.1.2.
  8. Run npm install -g polymer-cli to download polymer-cli to your local machine. This may take a few minutes...
  9. After the install is finished you can create a new folder and setup your project with polymer init
  10. mkdir example
  11. cd example
  12. polymer init
  13. Follow the prompt's instructions and any of the documentation on polymer's site to begin your first project! (